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What is The FinalKey?

The only damn password-manager I ever wanted! Simply done The Right Way™

A small gadget for your computer which keeps all your passwords safe and easy to use.

  1. Select where you want to log-in
  2. Push the button
  3. The FinalKey types your user-name and password for you.

Logging into Steam with The FinalKey.

What is a password-manager ?

Traditionally, a password manager is a program on your computer, which stores your user-names and passwords in an encrypted database, protected by a "master password". To access the information you typically have to "copy and paste" it between the password-manager and where you want to enter it. Though, some password-managers are worse, and will automatically enter your passwords for you, leaving you vulnerable to unwanted information leaks and the risk that the password-manager is fooled by a spoofed site.

The FinalKey is different from conventional password-managers and much safer and much easier to use.

What makes The FinalKey different from other password managers?

The FinalKey was made with ruggedness and portability in mind, it easily fits in a pocket and has been built to last.. Dropping it on the concrete, or into a glass of water is unlikely to damage it (though, it has not been designed to be waterproof, but what damage liquids can do, can easily be repaired). You can bring it with you where you go, and use it both from a text-interface (a serial-terminal) and from a custom graphical user-interface.

Because The FinalKey is recognized by the operating system as a normal USB Keyboard, and simply "types" the usernames and passwords, it works with all existing programs, both websites, games and applications. The way The FinalKey is controlled means that existing applications can be used on systems where you do not wish to install some specialized software, the drivers and programs that can be used to interact with The FinalKey comes with OSX and Linux, and can be downloaded for free for Windows. No other password manager in the world can claim not to require any specialized software to function. On windows you do need to install the driver, but you need to install drivers for most hardware in Windows, so that is to be expected.

With the exception of Mooltipass, other password-managers store your passwords on your computer (or worse, in the cloud), exposing them to anyone who may break into your system, even if the password-database is encrypted, it is vulnerable to attacks, an attacker may obtain the master-password, or may brute-force it. This is impossible with the FinalKey, because the encrypted database is stored on a separate chip inside The FinalKey and can not be accessed by your computer. Furthermore, the FinalKey can not perform any action of security consequence without physical confirmation, meaning that, even if you have your FinalKey connected, and someone has broken into your computer, they are not able to extract passwords from the FinalKey, because they are not able to push the button, unless they are in the same room as you. The FinalKey can not even be unlocked without physical access, and if it is disconnected, it is locked again, meaning that if someone steals it from you, they still need to break the master-password, which can be up to 32 characters long, with each "letter" having 255 different possible values due to a feature called "extra paranoid master password" which uses the button on the FinalKey to scramble the master-password further.

The FinalKey is the cheapest Hardware Password Manager you'll find, you could build one yourself for as little as 10 EUR. I'm asking 34 EUR, for that you get a hand-crafted, ready-to-use and tested device in a rugged, purpose-built package and direct E-Mail support if you have questions.


  • Dedicated hardware
  • Holds 256 accounts
  • AES-256 Encryption
  • Works with any software, on any computer
  • Acts as a keyboard, types in your passwords for you
  • Designed to be easy and convenient to use
  • Creates long and strong passwords
  • Small, simple and solid
  • Paranoid by design
  • Open-Source software and hardware build it or buy it!

Who needs one?

A lot of people can benefit from The FinalKey.

  • Anyone who want one safe place to keep all the accounts they have.
  • IT-Professionals and power-users who have a lot of logins and won't compromise on security.
  • Anyone who have difficulty remembering their account details or want to use simple passwords.
  • Anyone who care about security.
  • People who are tired of typing in passwords all the time.
  • People who use multiple computers.

I want it!

I will send one to you, if you give me money, because it is not free to make them..
If you don't want to pay me, you can build one yourself, I have put up instructions, and I will help you if you have questions and ask nicely.


If you want to order one, I'm sorry! I stopped building these, if I wanted to, I could have a full-time job building them, but I have a full-time job that's more fun, so, sorry! Maybe ask around, see if you can hire someone to build it for you at your local hackerspace!.
Questions? Comments? drop me a good old-fashioned email: dusted at dusted dot dk :)

Created: 2014/09/23,   Updated: 2019/12/15