Download and Install

Before you start using your FinalKey, check install instructions and download software for your platform

Linux Downloads/Instructions OSX Downloads/Instructions Windows Downloads/Instructions

Manual: Using from Terminal

Instructions for using The FinalKey from terminal

Control your FinalKey through any serial-terminal, like "Minicom", "Putty", "GNU Screen", "HyperTerminal" or "RealTerm".

Using The FinalKey with a Serial-Terminal

Manual: Using from The FinalKey GUI

Instructions for using The FinalKey GUI

The FinalKey GUI was made with ease-of-use in mind, you can do everything with the mouse. You don't have to bring the FinalKey GUI window to the front to activate an account, you can use the FinalKey icon in the system tray.

Using The FinalKey GUI

Created: 2014/09/23,   Updated: 2015/03/16