Who I am

I'm not all that interesting. I'm your average opinionated Linux loving neck-bearded computer-geek who dabbles in whatever stuff I find interesting. I am Jimmy from Denmark, I'm a guy who likes cool stuff, I've made some computer games and built some hardware. People have also paid me money to write a bunch of code for different systems, some Node.js, some Android, some iOS, some web, and more obscure stuff, so I guess that makes me a "professional programmer", some might call me a "code craftsman", but I prefer the term "ultraking of the violet planet of quantum entangled super chickpeas of steel (tm)". I have a reasonable understanding of some of the popular programming languages and some basic understanding of digital electronics. I have a website.

Help! It's Open Source! I'm starving!

I'm not actually starving.

I'm also not making any real money on The Final Key, few people know about The FinalKey, and some chose to build their own, I also wrote a guide on how to build your own.
If you like this project, and want to help keep it alive, or maybe you build one and and to show your appreciation, consider donating something, it will be most appreciated!

The Frequently Asked Questions

That few people would ever ask

Q: Will you sell it as a do-it-yourself kit?
A: Nope, if I sell kits, people will send back "defective" components after they mess up the assembly instructions.
When I sell something, I want to put it together so that I know what kind of quality people are getting.

Q: Will you make a purely-commercial version?
A: I don't think so, I don't have the means to run a successful crowd-funding campaign.

Q: Why not just use another password manager?
A: I made the FinalKey exactly how I personally want a password manager to work, I'm not saying it's the perfect solution for everyone, but it is for me, and many people agree and find the raw and technologically primitive nature of FinalKey to be a big advantage, it is certainly more flexible than any other solution. If you want another password manager, use another password manager.

Q: Why "The FinalKey" ?
A: Homage to an extension cartridge for the Commodore 64 which I had as a kid and liked very much.

Q: StarTrek?
Of course, the switch connects to Arduino pins 7 and 9.

Q: Why does my FinalKey show up as 1d50:60ca OpenMoko, Inc. ?
Your computers operating system identify USB devices using two numbers, a "Vendor ID" (VID) and a "Product ID" (PID). VID numbers are controlled and assigned by USB.org, and cost money. The OpenMoko phone project purchased a VID, and have been so kind to donate some of their PIDs to OpenSource projects, and were kind to donate a PID:VID set to me, since the VendorID is indeed OpenMoko (1d50), your operating system correctly recognize as a VID belonging to OpenMoko Inc, the PID (60ca), is reserved for The FinalKey.

Q: You didn't answer my question!
A: That's not a question! That's a statement! But I'm sorry! Send it to me using the contact form here.

Created: 2014/11/13,   Updated: 2016/04/19